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Amsterdam Family Assistance


Movingto.NL & Amsterdam Family Assistance was created by Lana Huf-Germain.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Lana worked at several international companies where part of her job was to help expats by smoothing out their transition to Dutch life.


After marrying her favorite expat and having a baby she saw that there were many new difficulties she would have to face. How do I find a good babysitter, where are the good playgrounds, and how do I connect with other expat moms?  Lana believed that if it was difficult for her, a born and bred Nederlander, then it would be infinitely harder for an expat with no grasp of the language, the history, or their options.


We are here so you don´t have to rely on new friends or coworkers for help. We will hold your hand and guide you while you’re adjusting to your new Amsterdam life. We will answer any question you may have big or small, night or day, 24/7.


Other companies are affiliated with law firms and real estate agents. We are affiliated with families. We want to make sure you become part of a community.



Movingto.NL & Amsterdam Family Assistance 

Helping you on your way...

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